Specialised system for processing granular financial information
  • Produced by award-winning
    technology foundation
  • Supports financial regulators/processes
    in statistical and prudential function
  • Available in several formats: modular,
    flexible and standardised, off-the-shelf
  • Produced by award-winning
    technology foundation
  • Supports financial regulators/processes
    in statistical and prudential function
  • Available in several formats: modular,
    flexible and standardised, off-the-shelf
Posing specialised and centralised technology integrated core engine from the inside we can secure reliable, robust and intelligent operation of the overall system with high-security standards. Our architectural unique layer offering is transforming system design into a dynamic financial regulatory environment, where depending on who implements it, can further develop its dynamics from the outside.
awarded and market proven
The system is empowered from inside with our integrated core engineTM technology—highly specialised set of instruction built only with one purpose—to enable near to real-time integral specifics for problem processing. The engine can be utilised in a stand-alone capacity, further enhancing system usability and promoting its transparency.


AZN—Insurance Superivision Agency


HANFA—Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency


Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors


Central Bank of the Philippines


Bankable Frontier Associates


R2A Accelerator


architecture outline–built to facilitate:

    • Specialised, integrating processing
    • Data management
    • Advanced analytics
    • Risk and sophisticated calculation

The easy-to-use system makes all of the following simple, whether from the business or regulation side of financial industries:

  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Minimum configuration needed
  • Data modeling
  • Complex calculation modeling
  • Configuration & scheduling
  • Validation
  • Rule design/execution processing
  • Storage
  • Advanced analytics


Features of the Integrated Core Engine:
  • Provides low-level set of instructions for system utility layer
  • Secures essential system functions
  • Allows for reading, writing, prioritization, and formulae interpretation mechanisms


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RTM – report template management system
Submission monitoring
Data warehouse/analytics
Processing + Validation
  • Used for managing report meta and structure definition
  • Offers either a physical or snythetic formula design mechanisms
  • Provides a robust foundation for designing taxonomies, further data quality and other automation rules checks
  • Provides simple or complex calculation for document processing
  • Use cases cover developing taxonomy or create various calculations (prudential, capital adequacy, risk exposures, standard formulae or internal model) for stress test design
  • Used for configuration of processing reporting and documents designed for risk-based principles
  • User interfaces for control of scheduled reporting submissions
  • Integration with RTM and registers
  • Monitoring of reporting schedules
  • Connected review of each submission
  • Insight into the overall processing review configured in RTM
Our specialized storage and transformation engine enables efficient and effective storage,and allows for change management of data model structures. It is designed according to data signature principles (DPM), provides mechanisms for instant transformation and data storage. Combining requisite interfaces for data querying, (template-, cell-based), providing user-friendly data visualization. We natively support three data models, DPM, FLAT or a custom configuration model according to available taxonomy DPM. Moreover, it is possible to add hybrid configurations that include calculations. Data models are immediately available regardless of change to the data structure (automated versioning, automated transformation in between different lifecycles of a document, such as pre-staging, staging and DW).
The processing engine is designed according to document processing lifecycle (from submission to operational storage), providing all appropriate steps for high data quality (structure-related) and additional enhancement in rule execution beyond structure validation. Our formulae interpretation mechanism can interpret XBRL formulas, custom rule sets or formulae output (synthetic data model) to provide a solid foundation easily configurable in a timely fashion and without additional resources.

API Layer

Functions of the API Layer — Facilitates integration of:
  • XBRL validation
  • Secured processing or storage of data
  • Exposing low-level instructions from the integrated core engineTM
  • Allows core engine to act as an SDK

Custom App Layer

Functions of the Custom App Layer:
  • Development of essential system functions/assets
  • Stacks on low-level core engine functions
  • Can combine system utility functions from stakeholder's end
  • Acts as an secure and controllable ecosystem

The easy-to-use system makes all of the following simple, whether from the business or regulation side of financial industries:

  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Minimum configuration needed
  • Data modeling
  • Complex calculation modeling
  • Configuration & scheduling
  • Validation
  • Rule design/execution processing
  • Storage
  • Advanced analytics

Regulator System

Off-the-shelf functionality with minimal configuration for data
management, processing, and analytics

New supervisory principles make granularity and data volume more complex to process, and this creates infrastructural problems for regulators. But with our next-gen system we are ready for tomorrow's challenges wherein high-power & portability are key. Our system processes high data volumes integrally, from collection to dissemination. What's more is that it's compliant with standard data transfer mechanisms (e.g. XBRL and XML).

We've used our extensive knowledge and experience to build a system that is flexible, yet provides high-standard terms for risk-based supervision across the financial endeavors.

  • Compliant with Basel & Solvency II
  • Empowers business users
  • Coverage of local policy requirements
  • User-friendly

The system ensures high-performance integral capabilities in physical data modeling (e.g. XBRL taxonomies) or local/synthetic returns. Combined with its Integrated core engineTM, it provides a powerful design platform to support stress testing, stochastic modeling, and reconstruction of prudential calculations.

To facilitate process automation, validation and processing capabilities integrate with data modeling for design of flexible processing flow, making it simple to meet all requirements during rule-checking. Data storage and model versioning are possible without IT involvement.

Data configuration mechanisms secure flexible deployment of data

  • Rules, validation, calculation, scheduling and processing engine
  • Data & data mart modeling
  • No need for classical ETL
  • Rapid publishing process of changes in an integral chain


Covering statistical & prudential calculation, and regulatory delivery requirements

The platform is specialized for new supervisory principles, handling fundamental needs efficiently and effectively, made compliant financial frameworks, such as Basel and Solvency II. This platform helps business and actuarial users, while at the same time reducing the need for IT involvement. Furthermore, this system can cover statutory and internal reporting in integral terms. Unlike other systems, it is built with advanced design principles and with integrated core engine technology under to secure high portability of data, calculations, or the system itself.

  • Empowers business users
  • Statutory or internal reporting
  • Intuitive interface
  • Streamlines regulatory data

Following standard financial returns data modeling principles, the system perfectly aligns with clients’ needs. The technology secures calculation requirements (both stochastic and capital adequacy) as well as integrates data modeling requirements. This includes taxonomy mapping, which doesn’t require constant versioning and removes overhead in change management. All this tightly packaged for high-performance.

  • Complex calculations
  • XBRL output
  • No need for classical ETL
  • Integration API layer

fast start your project with no upfront costs and with market-tested technology and references

We offer an initial no-cost start model that equips you with market-tested and awarded ENGINE or SYSTEM UTILITIES so you could facilitate your opportunity or development. Realising that barrier to entry is very high we can secure very competitive resources for a head start even with possibilities to secure you relevant references.

Contact us from your jurisdiction to explore possibilities.
Your success is our success.








We have actively participated and contributed to following events:

  • Compliant Risk Technology LLC je uspješno završio projekt KK.
    February 11th, 2020
    "Procesi, kvaliteta, okoliš i sigurnost poslovanja" gdje su implementirani slijedeći ISO standardi:
    ISO/IEC 27001:17 Information Safety Management System
    ISO 14001:15 Environmental Management System
    ISO 9001:15 Quality Management System Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj.
  • invited to participate to AAA Alpha award by Asian Financial Society - Lowenstein Sandler LLP
    November 18th, 2019
    1251 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
  • meeting – Agency for banking supervision
    October 11th, 2019
  • expert speaker invited by ASO – Insurtech, conference and expo
    October 2nd – 3rd, 2019
    Skopje, North Macedonia
  • bilateral meeting - Insurance State Supervision
    September 30th, 2019
    Georgia, Tbilisi
  • BACK to BASICS - Insurance Supervision agency
    September 6th, 2019
    Ljubljana Slovenia
  • AWARD by CENTRAL BANKING – 2019 Global Data Management Initiative: Central Bank of the Philippines Project
    September 4th, 2019
  • Participation on market consultations by EIOPA
    April, 2019
  • Euroflight Conference
    June 17-18-19, 2019
    Hosted by the ECB,
    Frankfurt, Germany
  • Insurance Market and Regulatory Developments in the Western Balkan Countries – Challenges and Perspectives
    November 15, 2018
    Hosted by the ECB, Frankfurt,
  • Awarded EU funded project "Support to regulation of Financial services" for Montenegro Ministry of finance and two beneficiary agencies
    October 26, 2018
    Podgorica, Montenegro
  • Insurance in digital future - Insurance Supervision agency,
    13 September 2018
    Ljubljana Slovenia
  • EIOPA workshop Solvency II public disclosure – what you need to know”
    26 June 2018
    EIOPA, Frankfurt Germany
  • Successfully delivered project for the Central bank of the Philippines
    1 June 2018
    Central bank of the Philippines, Manila Philippines
  • We are short-listed for the EU funded project "Support to regulation of Financial services" for Montenegro Ministry of finance and 2 beneficiary agencies for Inusrance and Capital Markets supervision
    29 May 2018
    Podgorica, Montenegro
  • 5th conference “Challenges and Practice of Insurance Supervision with accent about EU Directive Solvency II IDD...”, we are sponsoring event for the 4 years in a row contributing to Supervision in Insurance
    17 April 2018
    Institute for Insurance, Zagreb Croatia
  • FSD Africa - Regulation and Innovation in the Age of FinTech UKAID, Panellist Regulating Innovation – the FinTechs perspective (Cambridge centre for alternative finance)
    22 - 23 March 2018
    City of London, United Kingdom
  • Entered into reseller partnership with Altova from Austria, more about our partner you can find on their web site on this link: ALTOVA
    February 06 2018
  • Announced as winners in contest Regulators Accelerator (R2A) while attending work group in Washington DC, announcement fromally was on second day of work group, winning this contest secured project with Central bank of Philippines and two commercial banks, and money award 100.000$ money, this is global validation of our excellency in provisioning infrastructural data processing and advanced big data analytic specialized for financial regulators
    January 24/25 2018
    USA, Washington DC
  • Short-listed for project RegTech for Regulators Accelerator (R2A) Philippines project for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (Central bank Philippines)
    December 20 2017
    USA, Boston
  • Entering finals in AaA Fintech competition from side of Asian Financial Society
    December 15 2017
    USA, New York
    November 6-8 2017
    Paris France
  • HANDOVER of IFSS integral system to Slovenian insurance supervision agency (AZN)
    21 September 2017
    Ljubljana Slovenia
  • Consumer protection INNOVATION vs. REGULATION - Insurance Supervision agency
    4 September 2017
    Ljubljana Slovenia
  • 4th conference “Challenges and Practice of Insurance Supervision in Southeastern Europe”
    4 April 2017
    Institute for Insurance, Zagreb Croatia
  • Successfully completed reporting lifecycle of created XBRL instance on 2.1.0 version taxonomy, validated in Level II with EIOPA - among first EU software vendors
    December 2016
  • Croatian Insurance days - Croatian Insurance Office
    9 – 11 November 2016
    Opatija, Croatia
  • Solvency II LESSONS LEARNED Conference - Insurance Supervision agency
    6 September 2016
    Ljubljana Slovenia
  • XBRL week in Frankfur
    1 - 3 June 2016
    ECB, Frankfurt am Main
  • S2CT used in EIOPA survey as alternative for T4U
    May 2016
  • Solvency II XBRL Taxonomy “Meet-the-market” Open session with EIOPA’s Working Group
    31 May 2016
    EIOPA, Frankfurt am Main
  • EIOPA XBRL Tool for Undertakings (T4U) - Meet-the-Market Workshop
    30 May 2016
    EIOPA, Frankfurt am Main
  • 3rd conference “Challenges and Practice of Insurance Supervision in Southeastern Europe”
    11 May 2016
    Institute for Insurance, Zagreb Croatia
  • Among first SW vendor’s successful creation and validation of sent XBRL message on full taxonomy version in level II EIOPA reporting (regulatory level II reporting)
    February 2016
  • Upgrade of solution to 2.0.1. taxonomy version - among first EU software vendors
    November 2015
    16-20 November 2015
    Frankfurt am Main
  • Solvency II What could go wrong - Insurance Supervision agency
    2 September 2015
    Ljubljana Slovenia
  • XBRL Tool for Undertakings (T4U) - Meet-the-Market Workshop
    8 July 2015
    EIOPA, Frankfurt am Main
  • 2nd conference “Challenges and Practice of Insurance Supervision in Southeastern Europe”
    7 May 2015
    Institute for Insurance, Zagreb Croatia


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