Architecture and application development

System architecture

System architecture is a base of every enterprise technical solution. As each base it needs to be solid. Solutions built on our architecture are robust, secure and scalable.

Systems based on our architecture can be installed on UNIX or Windows server platforms. Because they are built on SOA principles they can coexists in disparate enterprise environment. It can be stated that our solutions are platform less and they work with any implemented solutions such as IBM, Oracle or SAP.

As part of the architecture system development services, we can ensure knowledge transfer and conduct the training of our clients' development engineers.

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Application development

Apart from architecture design, we are fully capable to implement various business processes and resolve various business issues aimed at achieving higher work efficiency and better analytical capabilities. We can develop SOA service modules operable with already implemented systems on any platform or develop new systems based on a completely new architecture no matter what size they are.

Our service is complete and of high quality. Basic SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) processes as well as the additional ones (support, change management...) are defined by the ITIL process framework ensuring traceability and control.

In addition to custom application development, we also provide all related services including support, which makes our service complete.

We have currently been using our process procedures in implementing ISO 20000 and 27001:2013.

We are open for business process audit for the purpose of entering into new partnerships.





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