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Our solutions, tools and technology combined with a deep understanding of the EU financial regulatory environment and the reporting framework enable a seamless transition of the financial sector through changes imposed by pan-European central bodies. Our contribution increases the transparency of the financial system, and helps to protect economy at large. Our solutions and packaged expertise with the implementation of appropriate technology enable the efficient transport of accurate information facilitating timely alarming, and consequently, optimal preparation for the next crisis, when and if it happens.


Our solutions and technology are part of the European financial control mechanisms (central banks and financial supervisory agencies). They also serve for disclosing financial statistical regulatory reporting according to current regulatory reporting regimes and directives (Basel, Solvency) by undertakers to National Competent Authorities – NCAs.

For regulators we provide integral solutions which facilitate their fast creation and publishing of reporting templates for the automated collection and the process of information, as well as fast, accurate and timely adjustment in line with new market conditions. On the other hand, we provide optimal tools to undertakers for delivering their reports to achieve optimal, accurate and timely flow of information.


Our deep understanding of central regulation, especially the one in SEE region and its problems, as well as our constant presence in the EU central bodies enable our accurate and timely reaction in compliance with our solutions and the consultation with our partners so they could keep up with changes, which in time would become stricter and more frequent, with shorter report delivery deadlines.

Our specialty is the SEE region. We are fully capable to address any problem of any regional financial regulatory body or a supervisory agency as well as of any insurance and banking undertaker.

Value offering

Integral solutions for the statistical supervision for central banks and supervisory agencies.

Applied technology for process and functional optimization and control mechanisms for EU central bodies (EIOPA, EBA, ECB...).

Suitable solutions for local regulatory reporting delivery of financial information, specifically for the SEE region and the EU.

Articulation and lobbying of financial sector problems to EU financial central bodies (Frankfurt) and local NCAs.

Technical participation in the twinning project specifically for the SEE region EU member candidates.

Consulting in finding Enterprise risk management solution for bigger entities.

IT project execution and integration (process optimization, data sources integration, reconciliation and consolidation, etc...) or implementation of tailored service solutions.

Implementation of BI systems in new contextual data models.

Consulting in the domain of a company’s mission and vision.

Deep knowledge of the regulatory framework as well as our constant presence in the heart of the financial control system in central regulatory bodies as delegates enable us to articulate industry problems and to design an optimal and long term sustainable solution for financial industry regulatory supervision and reporting.

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Compliant Risk Technology LLC






Ilica 480 ZG, Croatia - EU



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1.330.000 KN

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