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Financial sector operates with risks on daily basis. Banks support the market by providing financial products for economy, while (re)insurances give promises to counterparty to fulfil its obligations in accordance with the contract.

Recent changes in financial sector regulation, more specifically Basel III and Solvency II, set new framework for monitoring based on a comprehensive integration of risk in terms of determining capital requirements in order to improve the stability of the financial sector.

These integral changes are induced by weaker economic activity in the world, a crisis that is still ongoing and volatility of markets. Final effect will be better protection of users and the economy as a whole.

Highlighted facts support the thesis that risks are becoming strategic assets.

Risk management can be divided in three layers: -management of the transactional system (data layer); -management of the system performance of the portfolio (reporting layer); -cooperative system (strategic decision making layer).

This approach can be established by gradually implementing a comprehensive risk management system that is modular and allows the same kind of implementation in accordance with the needs and priorities of the subject (market, operational, credit, liquidity risk…).

We offer a comprehensive risk management system that can be implemented integrally. We cover all the major risks:
    Market risk,
    Liquidity risk,
    Credit risk,
    Operational risk.

Financial institutions should strive to obtain risk positions form the basic transactional system, which goes towards automation of regulatory reporting and optimisation of risk and capital resources by incorporating risks in decision making process in the every sense of the word.

In addition to the risk modules we are able to implement stress tests module. With all the economic and regulatory events institutions not only need to control the risks but should be able to determine scenarios to stress the important risk factors (such as market, credit or counterparty risk).

The results of these scenarios are used in the design of profitability strategy and performance of the existing business with minimizing the expected and unexpected loss.

Contact us with confidence in order to get the best possible advice and make risk implementation strategy in basic system.

Compliant Risk Technology LLC helps financial sector to optimise their financial and capital performances.





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