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Solvency II pilar III cloud regulatory reporting

Were you offered by solution demo? Unlike majority, we wont make condition and spend your time before you get demo access after you show interes. Yes, you got it right, our process for qualification of our XBRL creation cloud service is simpler than ever, consisted of two steps!

By first step you get access to demo (without single call), step is consisted of:

Filing online form

Upon opening account you will receive credentials on left mail.

We believe that you will manage to use it without all those calls and presentation, because its simple (and not just by typing it!). After you validate solution and choose us, you can get our commitment to excellent service and guaranteed evolving compliance by following next steps.

Agree on NDA and local NCA cloud specific requirements to use service in secured manner

Agree on contract details (SLA, Warranties...)

Your already open account will be made production..

Did you know that you can get this cloud option without upfront costs and money back guarantee if report fail to comply to EIOPA req's?

Cloud S2CT offer for QRT production in hosted infrastructure model and its intelligent and intuitive design will enable its employee to create QRT in XBRL format in efficient and optimal manner ate the same time securing all points for guaranteed compliance. With our cloud tool there is no need for third party checks of instances to be reported!

This hosted service is one of components from full solution, and will provide you market tested solution for end QRT conversion – and even more. Its intuitive and intelligent design will instantly shorten report production time, but with all secure points for compliance.


By utilizing our cloud S2CT version you will be able to:

  • Manage QRT reports with multi user access and in centralized manner – on one place and with archive,

  • Track changes,

  • Make user friendly validation,

  • Use intelligent and intuitive workflow with authorization,

  • Access it with all modern web browsers,

  • Import from excel and EIOPA annotated templates formation,

  • Import from QIS if used for end std. formulae SCR and MCR calculation (mappings into QRT are
  • included and we could provide you with excel template)

Our service has been designed to be fully conformant to strict regulatory rules for outsourced cloud services, such as controlled access to host server, provision of physical access to premises for our clients, worked out what-if scenario for case of service failure…

You still have questions; we are on disposal to answer you!

Why others have chosen us?

  • With reports produced from S2CT, our clients are compliant from first submission try!

  • Our upgrade when taxonomy is released is done in matter of days, compared to T4U which takes several months – planned release of taxonomy 2.1.0 on July 15 th will be supported in October, our by end of July!

  • We take care of other resources in optimal and efficient manner at least as they are ours.

  • We are highly specialized in regulatory reporting of insurance sector which guarantees efficient service, competitive pricing and added value.

  • Our XBRL processing technology is our own and market tested, has been used since preparatory phase and received compliments from EIOPA in usage from Croatian Financial Services Agency.

  • Our S2CT EIOPA used in survey aimed to explore its usage from industry.

  • Report production from S2CT is more stable, secure and shorter compared to for example from T4U in some cases more than 50%.

  • Cost and risk associated to take over T4U project associated to technical architecture and others are outweighing usage of S2CT even in on premise utilization.

  • You can switch to on premise at any time.

Fill online form to apply for service. Still have some doubt, test us!

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