XBRL is a language from the XML family of languages. Language is combination of complex XSD set definitions that together form taxonomy from which XBRL is instanced.

XBRL accompanying taxonomy is like a dictionary that defines reporting templates and translates business concepts from for example balance sheets into series of interrelated XBRL elements which the together form end business report that can be instanced in XBRL format.

XBRL language and its accompanying taxonomies represent a basis for most of company solutions. This language is relatively new in its application in the EU which currently is defined to be used by Solvency and Basel directives.

This language by its architecture is capable to comply with complex legislation environment and is able to transmit all business specific cases.

XBRL brings enhanced possibilities of analysis of data being transmitted and possibilities of transmitting complex data relations in its structure.

As we base our development on SOA principles and we are focused on financial sector this enable us to provide service parts related to XBRL processor (read, write), accompanying relational model, taxonomy validation (Basel, Solvency) as finished components or out-of-the-box manner.

    The range of custom services we provide in terms of XBRL development is the following:
  • taxonomy extension,
  • taxonomy/XBRL validation,
  • XBRL instance.

XBRL transforms the way companies transport their data, language enables them to transport data in more efficient way cutting end costs and extends the range of possibilities in end to end transport. By using our company services or components our clients cut development costs and focus on bottom line business values exploiting this technology as a tool.

We would like to outline that we are among first companies in the Croatia which deals with the XBRL development in a way that we make this language simple from the outside.

C.R.T. is a direct member of XBRL world organization.





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